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Storaas Gjestegaard

The Storaas family

The whole Storaas family has been responsible for the development of the Hotel ever since it first opened in 1990. All of us – Jarle (father), Dea (mother) and daughters Henriette, Solveig, Else and Henriette have, at different times, put their shoulders to the wheel. Liv Heidi is working outside the family business. Today, Henriette, Solveig and Else work at the Hotel alongside their father Jarle, and they have extended their services to include, "Adventures at the Hotel and elsewhere in the world!" The Storaas family history extends to many countries and exotic parts of the world.

The Storaas sisters

Henriette Storaas

General Manager, Storaas Adventure

Events and travel management qualifications from Sydney, Australia.

Telefon 90283880

Solveig Storaas

Co-General Manager, Storaas Guest House

Qualified teacher (Notodden), chef (Vancouver and Trondheim) and cowboy! (Australia)

Telefon 91566923

Else Storaas

Co-General Manager, Storaas Guest House

Qualified as an actress at the East 15 Acting School at the University of Essex in London.

Telefon 47875323

Jarle Storaas

Founder and Travel Explorer

Qualified theologian. Worked as a journalist for thirteen years before he and Dea set up and developed Storaas.

Telefon 97153210

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