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Storaas Gjestegaard


We have two family chalets for hire containing four beds in two bedrooms and one large chalet with six bedrooms containing a total of 12 beds.

Our Chalets

Large chalet

Six bedrooms/12 beds + an annex containing three bedrooms and five beds. There are three bathrooms, a sauna, a jacuzzi and a kitchen. The large chalet looks out over Lake Buvannet and Mt. Knutefjell, and is sited just 50 metres from the water.

Large chalet Annex

Three bedrooms and five beds.


Four beds/two bedrooms. Bathroom and kitchen.


Four beds/two bedrooms. Bathroom and kitchen.

Sleep tight and sweet dreams!

At Storaas you will sleep in modern, tastefully furnished rooms, which express individual family stories. For example, you can sleep in the "Victor Hugo" room, the "Thor Heyerdahl" room or the "Livsdans på bygdevei" room. The histories of these rooms are part of our family heritage.
We want our guests to be able to escape from the stresses and hassles of everyday life and spend time together. Our rooms have been designed as places where you can withdraw from the world and that is why none of them have TV. Free WiFi is available, and there TV is available in our public rooms.

Some of our hotel rooms

Room No. 238

Kjærlighet fra Gud

Room No. 202

Hieronymus og kongen

Room No. 203

Sakføreren og utedoen

Room No. 210

Onkel Wirsching

Room No. 211


Room No. 212

Appelsinplantasje i Florida

Room No. 213

Moralsk Opprustning

Room No. 214

Raus Diva

Room No. 215

Thor Heyerdahl

Room No. 219

Livsdans på bygdevei

Room No. 220

Eksotiske desserter

Room No. 221


We are looking forward to hear from you!