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Storaas Gjestegaard

Storaas Hotel – Adventures at our guest house and elsewhere in the world

When staying at the hotel you will be welcomed by the Storaas sisters and presented with their fascinating family history.

Staying in Jondalen should provide you with something more than you are used to, and more than you expect.

The Storaas sisters aim is for you to leave the hotel with the same excitement that they had when they embarked on their adventures.

The power to conquer the world – and a strong desire to return.

Sleep tight and sweet dreams – here are some of our hotel rooms

Room no. 238

Kjærlighet fra Gud

Room no. 202

Hieronymus og kongen

Room no. 209

Sakføreren og utedoen

Room no. 210

Onkel Wirsching

Room no. 211


Room no. 212

Appelsiner i Florida

Room no. 213

Moralsk Opprustning

Room no. 214

Raus Diva

Room no. 215

Thor Heyerdahl

Room no. 219

Livsdans på bygdevei

Room no. 220

Eksotiske desserter

Room no. 221


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