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Storaas Gjestegaard

Storaas Adventure – Adventures in Norway and elsewhere in the world

Storaas Adventure will take you on adventures and explorations in Norway and elsewhere in the world.

With ancestors such as Victor Hugo the poet, Petter Dass the priest, and Hieronymis Heyerdahl the politician, the Storaas family has been distinguished by the contrasts between old Norwegian and Continental cultures.

With Storaas Adventure the Storaas sisters take you on tours and adventures that will provide you with stories and experiences for your own family.

Which travel destinations are suitable for a group?

Storaas Adventure offers trips and events in Norway and elsewhere in the world.
We can travel to most places you want to go to, but we also have many exciting recommendations up our sleeve.
Allow yourself to be inspired by some of the options below and please contact us for tailored solutions and more information about special destinations. We wish you a great, inspirational trip!


The Lofoten Islands

Wild and wonderful. We have experience of both mountain hiking and fishing trips in the Lofoten islands. We also offer canoeing and sailing with vessels equipped with five sets of oars. This will bring you right up close to nature. Just imagine witnessing a sea eagle in close proximity!

Heroes of Telemark

We follow the footprints of the acclaimed Vemork saboteurs from WW2. You can choose to start your trip in the middle of the remote Hardangervidda Plateaux or you may choose a shorter route. The drama of the saboteurs will be brought to life as the story is recounted along the way.


The northermost point of Denmark is famous for its unique light, a light that has inspired painters from all over the world. they partied and they painted. we can offer you the same experience. Join us in a garden party on the trail of the Skagen painters!


shopping, la sagrada familia (expiatory church of the holy family) or las ramblas boulevard. there is no avoiding these attractions, but how about Joining us on a journey of discovery in the local food markets and then creating a lunch from your purchases afterwards? Discover barcelona's hidden treasures!


famous for its food, wine and art. visit the region's small wine producers and sample the delights of homemade pasta. or join us on a treasure hunt with vintage cars or bicycles.


exotic. different. a veritable mecca for shopping and other adventures that cannot be found in europe. how would you like to spend the night in the desert? experience the starry sky and the brilliant red sunrise.

Christmas Market

have this year's christmas buffet abroad and visit the christmas markets in berlin, budapest, bratislava or vienna. indulge in an abundance of christmas food and drink – while also getting the christmas shopping out of the way.

Ski Flying in Planica

a new monster hill opened in planica in march 2015. storaas adventure can offer 160 tickets, hotel beds and a charter plane. would you like to join us and witness new records being set? we will be staying at kranjska gora, in the heart of the upper sava valley. you can count on a brilliant atmosphere this weekend!

Cycling in the Alps

bormio in the italian part of the alps offers some excellent cycling trails. we will help you find trails that don't involve too much climbing and afterwards you can treat yourself to a wonderful spa, before enjoying an evening of exquisite italian food and wine.


the youngest of the storaas sisters trained as an actress in london. join else on a trip to london and meet people and communities you otherwise would have not encountered in this great metropolis. storaas covers the majority of destinations on the british mainland, including scotland.


the storaas sisters are related to the jameson family in ireland. visit the jameson's family home outside cork and enjoy the whiskey success story recounted in norwegian by the jameson sisters. a visit to cork can be combined with a visit to dublin.


from paris to monaco. from sampling champagne to making your own film in cannes. explore the haute maritime or go skiing. sample wine in bordeaux or cognac a little further north. eat in provence! france can be easily reached from norway.


tours to barcelona, malaga and madrid are obviously on the agenda but spain also offers the wonderful cities of san sebastian and bilbao in the north. san sebastian is currently regarded as spain's – and possibly even europe's – gourmet centre.
you really must try the tapas bars!


storaas imports its own wines from italy. we therefore have the opportunity to visit vineyards you otherwise would not have had access to. we would suggest a vintage car race or cycling trip in the morning, followed by lunch at a vineyard. or perhaps you would prefer to drive a ferrari? storaas covers the whole of italy.


the moselle valley can be easily reached via plane to frankfurt. how about embarking on a cycling adventure in franconia? the reisling producer wirsching – also a relative of the storaas sisters – is based in the small town of iphofen. berlin is europe's social hub for young people, and a meeting place for new trends in art and culture. how about taking a trip to see the wall, checkpoint charlie and the former east berlin in an old trabant car?


for storaas, a visit to denmark is almost like coming home. naturally, we offer tours to copenhagen but tend to visit skagen or ålborg most often with norwegian groups.


the storaas sisters' maternal grandmother was born in holland. thus, adventure offers tours that are "close to everyday life" in holland – and perhaps a little different.


the combined cities of buda and pest, separated by the danube, are a wonderful destination for groups. in addition to great shopping opportunities, you can also experience hungarian culture through the country's numerous thermal baths and spa facilities.


the many direct flights between norway and poland make it a popular destination for group trips. you get a lot for your money and poland offers attractions not found in other countries.

Prague, Bratislava and Vienna

three magical cities! exciting cultural experiences and a range of culinary offerings that you probably won't find back home.

The Baltic States

easily accessible and great value for money. storaas has received a lot of positive feedback from groups that have visited one or more of the baltic states.


the koster islands and strømstad are virtually in norway. nonetheless, they're still swedish destinations and both of them offer a variety of opportunities for cultural and team-building activities. stockholm can basically be regarded as a metropolis and offers just about everything.


marrakech is simply magical and can also be combined with an overnight stay in the sahara desert. have you ever tried driving an atv in the sahara or sandboarding down a "sand mountain"? we've done it!


a gateway between east and west: the opportunity to provide out of the ordinary experiences. this could simply be the hustle and bustle of a turkish market or the passion of the fans at a turkish football match.

Group trips in Norway

Storaas Adventure knows Norway. We have travelled across the Finnmark Plateau on snowmobiles, we have lived in Sami tents on Svalbard, we have visited Nikkel and Murmansk from Kirkenes, we have sailed all the way along Vest Fjord from Å to Narvik in an old fembøring (an open, clinker-built, wooden boat), we have held a stand-up show in a fishing village in Svolvær, we have trawled the streets of Bergen with Gunnar Staalesen the Norwegian thriller writer whose character, Varg Veum, has featured in several films, and we have held an evening event for ship-owners in the maritime museum in Lillesand. And we shouldn't forget seeing the site at Vemork where The Heroes of Telemark blew up the power station, or hiking to mountain peaks in Jotunheimen, or climbing Mt. Gausta or sailing on the three-masted sailing ship, Christian Radich, on Oslo Fjord.

Kick-off and events

You know your goal.
We will help you to kick-off within a framework of cultural activity, the appreciation and enjoyment of nature, and the pleasure and excitement of achieving your goals.

Culinary experiences

Dina's book states that, “Food should be prepared with love.” The Storaas sisters have a Danish great-grandmother, Rita. She ran the kitchen of a large vicarage for over 40 years. Rita was well known for her delicious home-made dishes.
She grew up on the island of St. Thomas in the Caribbean, but she succeeded beautifully in combining exotic Island dishes with Danish ones. The culinary experiences offered at Storaas consist of a mixture of Danish, international and local Norwegian flavours. Welcome to a culinary experience from Rita's kitchen!
Welcome to culinary experiences from Rita's kitchen or in one of our carefully selected joint-venture restaurants all over world.

We are looking forward to hear from you!